Palm Pruning or Removal

tree7At Treespecs ltd “No is not an option”, Not all job are enjoyable and palm removal is just one of those jobs, But we are more than happy to turn the other check smile and still give you as the customer the best days work money can buy, Because we know this is a hard job and don’t want you to try and take this on yourself (you will get hurt).

Treespecs have successfully pruned or taken down hundreds of palms and made the best of every situation. We quite often use cherry picker for this type of work, just to make the job easier, faster and most of all safer.

For pruning of smooth trunked palms (such as queen) we use ladders, pole saws and for the big ones use climbing methods as not to mark the trunks.(never let anybody climb a palm or tree wearing spurs unless the tree is to be removed ,It is unprofessional and will scar your tree.)

  • What Our Customers Say

    Tree Specs have been doing tree removal and tree maintenance at North Shore Golf Club for 4 years. No job has is too small and the large jobs are done to a high standard with little mess to our turf surfaces.

    No job is too big or too small, and he will always accommodate our needs. His arborist rates are very reasonable and competitive within the trade.

    I would highly recommend John and his team to anyone requiring and treework. John has undertaken our work for the past ten years and has completed all of our projects with a professional attitude.
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