Despite the inherent dangers of DIY tree removal, we at Tree Specs consistently see people attempting it with less-than-desirable outcomes. 

Let us look at the reasons why having an expert arborist remove your tree is preferable to attempting a DIY tree removal.


The number one reason that you should not attempt DIY tree removal is safety. The most important thing to remember when felling and removing trees is that it is an inherently dangerous task. If you do not have the right equipment and the right training to do the job, it can result in significant injury. 

Property Damage

When DIYing a tree removal, you may successfully avoid getting injured or injuring others; however, property damage is a common problem. 

Felling a tree improperly can result in damage to houses, cars, fences, and more. It is always advised that you hire the services of a trained arborist to avoid having branches or entire trees fall on and damage personal property.


Tree removal experts have a variety of tools, including ropes, harnesses, and other machinery that can ensure that trees are removed safely, quickly, and without damage to property. If you do not have this equipment, you will be at a severe disadvantage and will be putting yourself and your property at risk.


Professional tree removal experts have a significant amount of experience and training that allows them to safely remove trees in a variety of circumstances. The best arborists, such as those at Tree Specs, have plenty of experience dealing with tree removal in a wide range of unique situations. 

Clean Up

Tree removal always results in a significant amount of debris, such as leaves, branches, sticks, chips, and more, that requires proper disposal and cleanup afterwards. Having expert arborist teams on-site will ensure that this cleanup is carried out seamlessly as part of the tree removal service.

It’s Quicker, Easier, And Cheaper In The Long Run

Hiring an arborist for tree removal will result in a faster, safer, and more efficient process. You will save money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary injuries and damage to your property.

For palm tree removal in Auckland by trained tree removal experts, contact us at Tree Specs today and let us do it for you.