Whether it’s for the beauty of the clean, sharp lines or for that added privacy they provide from your neighbours’, a perfectly sculpted hedge is hard to beat in the garden – but not hard to have. At Treespecs we offer a range of hedge trimming and tree services from the small ornamental hedge up to the very large wind or sun blocking screens that you may have in your garden – or wish to have.

Our tree services use qualified arborists who can work with any existing hedge with skill and precision – hedging trees or shrubs into a neat framework for your garden in order to create structure and style.

Hedges need regular care and maintenance to look their best – you should cut large hedges up to 3 times a year. Our highly skilled staff can work up to any height, using the correct tools, technique and equipment – don’t risk yourself on an unsteady ladder cutting a hedge you may find difficult to reach, and don’t settle for an unsightly, crooked hedge. Our Arborist hedge specialists have a keen eye and a high standard so you know it’ll be neat, straight and look great.

We can also establish a hedge to suit your garden needs – create that private outdoor space you may be after or perhaps even help to screen that unsightly corner or fence (or dare I say it, neighbour). Whether it is the formal English garden feel that you’re after or the semi-formal look we can provide ongoing Arborsit care and assistance for all your hedging needs. A well-cared for hedge can be a great asset to any garden and add considerable value to your home.

Other popular choices for hedges are fast growing conifers such as the Lilly pilly Syzygium smithii this is a summer flowering evergreen tree, belonging to the myrtle family Myrtaceae. It is commonly planted as shrubs or hedgerows. Or Griselinia littoralis, commonly known as Kapuka or New Zealand broadleaf, is a fast-growing small to medium-sized evergreen tree with glossy leaves and is widely used as a modern hedge. Or even Magnolia Grandaflora little gem variety or any of the camellia species to add that extra bit of colour and fragrance when flowering.

We have even hedged citrus!! Very upbeat and modern but does take some patience.

We offer specialised Arborist services in all aspects of hedging and topiary, tree care and aboricultural services to suit any garden no matter how big or small your needs.

We even prune houses from time to time.