When it comes to tree trimming in Auckland, you need to employ the services of a trained arborist lest your trees be left permanently scarred and damaged.

One of the most common mistakes we at Tree Specs see amateurs making is something called “tree topping,”  which can ruin a tree.

What Is Tree Topping?

Tree topping is the practice of indiscriminately cutting off the top of a tree to reduce its height. The upside is that it is quick and easy to do – which is why people do it – but it can have multiple negative impacts that can compromise the integrity of the entire tree going forward.

What Is Tree Topping?

Why Is Tree Topping Not A Good Idea?

The main reason why tree topping is bad is that it can cause significant damage to the tree’s structure. By haphazardly removing large chunks of the canopy and leaving only big, unsightly stubs, tree topping can seriously weaken the tree and make it more susceptible to disease and insect infestations.

Another downside is that tree topping can promote the growth of weak, fast-growing sprouts that are more likely to get diseased and break. This can lead to small branches dominating the tree’s structure, which can make it difficult to manage. 

This will also likely not be as aesthetically pleasing as the original canopy. This disfigured appearance is a direct result of removing the tree’s natural canopy and leaving behind only the amputated stubs. 

Aside from ruining the aesthetics of the tree, tree topping can also lead to the creation of large and unstable branches that are more prone to falling, potentially causing injury or property damage. This practice can actually increase the risk of the entire tree collapsing if it becomes lopsided enough.

What Is The Alternative?

Instead of tree topping, we strongly recommend crown reduction as carried out by a trained arborist.

Crown reduction involves the careful and systematic removal of thoughtfully selected branches from the outer canopy of a tree to reduce its size and shape, all while maintaining the tree’s natural form. 

This method can significantly reduce the risk of damage from overgrown branches and will improve the tree’s overall health rather than undermine it. 

Crown reduction will ensure that the tree’s height is reduced but without compromising its structure and aesthetic appeal, thereby preserving the beauty of the landscape that it graces.

For professional tree trimming in Auckland, carried out by trained and experienced arborists, contact us at Tree Specs today! We will ensure that the job is done right!