Do you need an arborist in Auckland? You might be unsure, as ‘arborist’ can look like a rather technical term.

An arborist is basically an expert in tree care, making them the ideal person to approach if you have a tree with diseased, damaged or obstructive branches. Does this make an arborist essentially the same as a ‘tree lopper’? Not quite…

Do Your Tree’s Branches Need Cutting?

If so, you could start Googling for a ‘tree lopper’. However, it’s crucial to note that tree work can be dangerous. It can often entail working at height — and the person who does cut the tree must be careful not to do so in a manner that would endanger human life or property.

This gets to the heart of why you should be wary of handing the responsibility to someone who describes themselves as a ‘tree lopper’. The term hails from a time when tree work was not often undertaken to the rigorous safety standards now routinely followed by arborists.

Why Would It Be Risky to Turn to a Tree Lopper?

A tree lopper might go about their work too nonchalantly, without sufficiently accounting for health and safety concerns. So, while a tree lopper might quickly remove branches from the tree, it’s possible that the falling branches could injure nearby people or damage adjacent buildings.

Even if neither of these particular worrying scenarios transpire, the leftover tree might not be able to grow and flourish as well as it would have done if an arborist had treated it instead. That’s because an arborist knows how to prune a tree while minimising any damage that must be inflicted upon it in the process.

Approach a Professional with the Right Expertise

We can introduce you to an arborist trained in not only trimming tree branches but also various other aspects of tree work — including felling and removing trees too problematic to be left intact. We can also plant new trees to help you enhance the aesthetic value of your green space.

All in all, if you need a skilled arborist in Auckland, please call us on 0800 12 TREE (8733). We can even advise you on how to maintain your tree long after the arborist has left.