Land Clearing Services

Professional, Safe And Effective Land Clearing Services In Auckland

In some cases, our client may require a large block to be cleared for a new building or several acres of bush land for major developments or fire trails. This will often require a combination of climbing and dismantling certain trees around the boundaries and then clear felling the remainder. 

However, in order to process the material as efficiently as possible, we will often use much larger machinery. In some cases, the mulch can be chipped and just left onsite to keep the price down by not having to cart, or in some certain situations, trees can be heaped and burnt to save on chipping (this option depends on your local council, but doesn’t apply for anything residential).


Land Clearing Tree Services in Auckland

Here at Treespecs, we offer professional land clearing services in Auckland and surrounding areas. Our expert team can clear your land quickly, safely and efficiently. We have been part of many land clearing projects in the past, and we know the best route to take to get the job done properly.

In this particular job we are using the tracked chipper to clear out the debris in a pine block. It’s a great option for fire breaks, walkways, etc. Treespecs has access to a number of different machines making all jobs possible, whatever the terrain. Our knowledge and experience allow us to choose the best machinery for each job. No two land clearing jobs are the same, and a unique plan of action will have to be created for each job.

Land clearing services usually requires multiple services to achieve the overall work scope. Depending on the location of the property, you might require the following:

  • Manual dismantling of some trees, which generally happens at boundary interfaces.
  • Clear felling of the internal space.
  • Machine-assisted felling if certain trees are being kept and invasive trees are being removed.
  • Chipping and mulching are left on site for use in future landscaping, saving you costs in the clearing and in the landscaping. 
  • Trees can also be heaped and burnt on site, but this is not favoured by all councils due to carbon emissions.

Land clearing in Auckland is an efficient way to free up a site for construction. Using the multi-service approach, the trees that are protected or beneficial to the architecture or landscaping can be preserved. We can attend to the preserved trees and assess if they have diseased limbs, could benefit from strategic pruning  or need immune system boosting.

In today’s world of wildfire threats, it is vital to have appropriate fire trails that are wide enough to provide access and a fire break. Due to our diverse equipment, we are able to work in heavily forested areas with restricted workspace to create the fire trails that are needed. The cleared timber can be processed with our chipper, which benefits the remaining trees. 

No matter how complex the job is, we have cutting-edge machinery and knowledge for it.

Are you looking for professional land clearing services in Auckland? Let’s get that project started! Call 0800 1 2 TREE (8733) today!

No matter the density of vegetation that needs to be removed, or the size of the plot that needs to be cleared, the team at Treespecs can offer you comprehensive land clearing services, as well as expert advice. You’ll be dealing with friendly professionals that know what it takes to get the job done!