Manual Dismantling



Tree felling is a diverse industry that is dynamic in its approach to solving tree and hedges needs for Auckland’s proud property owners. Whether it is a commercial complex, industrial plot or housing estate, we have the experience and innovative solutions for you that will be delivered safely on time and within budget. 

Manual dismantling is ideal for areas that do not suit clear felling or machine-assisted grappling felling. It is a method most commonly seen in built-up suburbs, housing estates, office complexes, shopping malls and other structure-intense locations. 

This method involves highly skilled arborists, qualified work-at-height team members, quality ropes, felling pulleys and engineering knowledge for live-load bearing, swing and trajectory calculations.

We overspecify the installation of ropes, pulleys and safety equipment because we are proud of our zero failure track record.


Manual dismantling is the safest way to execute a tree removal service. It can be combined with stump grinding or chipping and mulching  service. 

The method involves our qualified team members starting work at the highest point of the planned dismantling. Our team member is attached with secured ropes to the working area and the designated limbs are attached, section by section, with secure ropes as well based on the engineering calculations.

The preplanned cutting and manual dismantling can then commence. The ropes take the live load of the limb section and the ground team lowers it in a controlled manner, releasing and halting the rope via the pulley systems they have established. The lowering method involves a friction drum and diverse rigging methods unique to your tree’s dismantling needs. 

Once the limb is carefully placed on the ground, it can be chipped and mulched or completely removed from the site at the end of the dismantling. 

Manual dismantling is one of their favourite bookings as it involves climbing, great views and trees.