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There’s stump grinding and then there is Tree Spec’s professional stump grinding service backed by 20 years of experience, cutting-edge equipment and a can-do work ethic. You benefit from a team driven to work to the maximum on every project and leave your property as neat as we can make it. We believe that when you book our tree services, you are booking the best that money can buy: Passion, commitment, smart solutions and the ideal machinery for every stump situation. To top it all, our teams are highly trained and down-to-earth tree specialists who are happy to work on anything tree or hedge related. And that means you get a cheerful, hard-working team that cares about your customer experience.

What Properties Do We Work On?

Treat your property and wallet with affordable, world-class service. We have a portfolio that includes the following properties:
The services supplied on these properties include:
We promise that our approach to your project will always be well-planned, well executed and underpinned with care throughout the entire process.
Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

Why Use Arborists For Tree Stump Grinding?

Tree stump grinding or removal in Auckland might look like a frenetic, noisy mess, but that’s the antithesis of the thought that goes into it. For effective stump grinding that doesn’t damage the surrounding property and leaves a safe outcome, an arborist must be used.

The equipment needed is highly diversified as no two stumps or locations are the same. We have invested extensively in machinery to work through stumps in the most complex situations. For an inexperienced, unqualified person to try it will usually result in surrounding damage, three to four times the length of time being used and the very likely risk of broken equipment.

Our experience gives us the required project insight, the ability to prepare correctly and the assurance that the right equipment is available and is indeed used. 

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    Within our constantly evolving industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead utilising modern techniques and tools to complete jobs in good time and to the highest standards. Naturally, we’re very safety conscious and fully insured (though we’ve never had to make a claim ! ! ). We have a strong, no-nonsense work ethic and a “can do” attitude. With creative thinking, we can solve most problems and overcome most obstacles.

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