Though trees are an essential part of the natural ecosystem, there are times they need to be removed, and often this is something you want to leave to a professional. Tree surgeons and arborists will often know the best way to handle trees, whether they need trimming or complete removal. 

If tree removal is what you need in the Auckland area, then Treespecs is the one to call. We provide all manner of other services too, all the while ensuring you are in safe hands throughout the process.

Where should I begin?

Firstly you need to establish whether a tree needs chopping down or not. You may not realise it, but all trees have a life span, just like animals. It can be difficult to establish whether or not a tree has reached its lifespan. Climate can make all the difference too, altering the lifespan considerably. 

You might also need to build on a certain area in which trees are blocking the path. After all, trees can grow unpredictably, meaning you may need to forego any building work already completed and start all over again.

Other problems may include root damage, for example when roots permeate through valuable infrastructure. Removal can be your best bet in this particular instance. Equally, trees can intrude above the surface too, encroaching on power lines. Needless to say, this is a particular situation you should leave to the professionals.

Tree felling and tree removal services are often more complex than you may think, especially when professionals are involved. Safety is always an absolute necessity – So best leave this to the professionals

Whatever questions you may have about your own arb problem, we are on hand to help with our expertise. Visit Treespecs for more information on how we can solve any tree-related issues in or around your property. We’re proud to represent Auckland with all of its arboricultural needs, having done so for the last 20 years.