Tree pruning during winter is a far easier task than in other seasons as, without foliage in the way, it is easier to see the shape and structure of the tree as well as any diseased or damaged branches. Winter is a great time to prune the following plants and trees as it encourages crops, fruit production and flowering. 

Why Should You Prune Trees in Winter?

During winter most plants and trees are dormant, so it is a less stressful time for trees to be pruned. In addition, pruning during this season can also help manage insects, fungi and diseases as they are not active during this period either.

What Tools are Needed For Winter Tree Pruning?

This really depends upon the type, age and size of the tree being trimmed. Ensure your secateurs loppers, long reach pruners are both clean and sharp. Clean tools will prevent the potential spread of any disease between plants and sharp tools will mean a clean cut. Blunt and messy cuts take longer to heal which could cause infection.

Basic pruning jobs require a pair of secateurs and a long handled-lopper. Some pruning jobs may also require;

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