Mulching can have so many benefits for your outdoor space, from keeping weeds out of the garden to protecting soil from erosion and much more! But what exactly is it, and how does it work? 

If you’re interested in the advantages mulching can bring to your outdoor space but you’re not sure where to start, Treespecs can help. We’re specialists in tree care in Auckland, and we’ve put together this simple guide to mulching and some of the best reasons to do it.

What is mulching? 

Mulching is the process of creating a barrier – often made from natural materials – around plants. The idea is to protect the soil and the plants from problems that commonly occur in outdoor spaces, such as weeds and garden pests like slugs. 

Mulch can be made from a variety of materials. Biodegradable mulch is often made from wood chips, compost or manure, while non-biodegradable mulch is made from fabric or pebbles.

What are the benefits of mulching? 

Mulching is great for both the health of your plants and the appearance of your outdoor space. When mulch is arranged carefully around a plant, it can look decorative, which does a lot to improve the overall look of spaces such as gardens. 

Biodegradable mulch, such as compost, releases nutrients into the soil, meaning that mulching is a convenient way to keep your plants healthy. 

Mulching is also an ideal way to reuse any trees you’ve recently taken down, as they can be turned into wood chips and recycled as biodegradable mulch. This is an ideal solution if you’ve recently had trees removed and want to make use of the leftover wood. 

Mulch protects the soil around your plants from being eroded by rain or dug up by animals and prevents weeds from growing in that area. It also acts as a fence to keep slugs away from plants and helps to lock in moisture in the soil, which means you won’t have to water the plants as often. 

Additionally, mulch can stop the soil from drying up in sunlight, and protects plant roots from the weather. This means your plants will be healthier throughout the year. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of mulching in your outdoor space, get in touch with Treespecs. We’re an Auckland-based tree care company that provides mulching services and lots more. Contact us via our website, by phone or by email, and get a quote today!